Kenyon Kraft: Vodka Conditioner


After all the hairspray you used for the inaugural ball last night, we know your hair is looking for a real thirst-quencher.

  • Start by mixing two tablespoons of vodka with 1/4 cup of mayonnaise.
  • Create the perfect shower playlist.


    My hair is definitely thirsting for some quality vodka.

  • Hop in the shower, and lather on some of your regular shampoo first.
  • Then grab the mixture and massage it into your head.
  • Let it sit for a couple minutes while you wash your face.
  • Rinse out the mixture and hop on out of the shower, because you are ready to brush – or you can just run your fingers lightly through your hair. It will feel pretty magical. Don’t fret, that’s the vodka.

    I feel like a new woman (via

    I feel like a new woman (via

  • If your hair has a slightly acidic after-scent, just spray some perfume or something in there. It’ll be fine. Mine was.

4 responses

  1. I can’t be the only person who got as far as making a vodka-mayonnaise emulsion and just decided to drink it, right?

    It’s not bad, by the way. A little heavy. A twist of lime would perk it right up.

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