10 o’clock list: Things Georgia Nugent Didn’t do During Inauguration Weekend

(via Kenyon Alumni Bulletin)


It was quite a shocker for me to see Kenyon’s former President, S. Georgia Nugent, last Friday at the Fall Blues Festival in Peirce Pub. For the First Years who never knew the Nuge, she was that rather expressive, petite woman that resembled flavor flav at President Decatur’s Inauguration.

I had heard rumors that she would be returning to our magic mountain for the Inaugural festivities, but for some reason I didn’t buy it. Seeing her in the flesh really took me for a turn. A thousand thoughts rushed through my head: Is she still mad about that one post? Why isn’t she wearing more jewelry? Does she remember me from that one time at the Market when we both bought Greek yogurt and laughed about it for a good 25 seconds? Was she always that tiny?!?  I, of course, didn’t talk to her the entire weekend; I know how to respect my elders.  But if she had attended certain events on campus I might have been more inclined to strike up a conversation. So in tonight’s list, I review the places and events former President Nugent should have attended but didn’t during her last Kenyon hurrah.

  1. Senior Karaoke night — I have to be honest, I did not make it to the Cove that night either. But I might have if I’d thought the Nuge would.  All I wanted was to do a duet and belt out some Aaliyah with the woman who matriculated me almost 4 years ago! Everything would have finally come full circle.
  2. The NCAs on Friday night —  Aimlessly walking around the retirement community NCAs on a weekend night and then forcing yourself into a party seems to be the “thing” for First Years to do this semester. It would have been a true Kenyon experience for the Nuge to sneak herself into an NCA party, put on some black lipstick and dance on one of those model-home tables. It would have been priceless.
  3. Make jewelry together in the Craft Center — I don’t know how to make jewelry and I’m not very crafty, but I feel like the Nuge is. She probably makes her own jewelry, right? If not we could have done some drawings.  It would have been so mother-daughter or sister-sister.
  4. Take a celeb shot in beer pong — There were probably multiple tables going this weekend. I am 100% positive that any of them and all of them would have loved to have our 18th President take a celeb shot for them. Maybe the pressure was too high and she just didn’t want to be a troll under the table; but I mean, come on, there is no one in either Bullseye, Acland, Milk, Taft, NCA, Caples Suite or Mather triple that would have forced her to sit under the table. It would have been so choice.
  5. Cove o’clock on Saturday — Not that surprising that the Nuge did not make it to Cove o’clock. I saw her at the Gala and she definitely danced as much as her constricting party outfit allowed. Nonetheless, I sat in my booth, nursing my pitcher of Yuengling just hoping she would stroll in and  buy shots for everyone. It would have been most triumphant.

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  1. She did sit next to mine at the VI on Friday. C’mon Leslie, I thought Thrill writers had the power to be everywhere at once. How else do y’all hear all our conversations?

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