The Perfect Candy for your Major

Even the squirrels at Kenyon are getting excited for Halloween candy.

Even the Kenyon squirrels are getting excited for Halloween candy.

In the spirit of Halloween, I was imagining what candy would appeal to certain majors. I mean, everyone loves chocolate, but for a history major, the historical significance makes each delicious bite take on whole new levels of joy. So for those of you worried about your candy of choice for the coming holiday, look no further. We’ve got you covered.

Math majors love to count things, and M&Ms are the easiest candy to categorize by color or type. Each M&M seems to taste the same and is predictable on the inside, but on the outside has a wide variety of colors. The only difficulty here is that M&Ms are tempting and the subtraction of one M&M could set off an entire problem. Suggestion: invest in infinite bags of M&Ms to ensure that the limit does not exist for the evening.

Chemistry majors love to infuse different chemicals together. There’s bonus points if they can make their reaction change colors. Sadly, there is a lab rule that you cannot eat your creations. So, the solution to this chemical problem is Pop Rocks. Think about it, you can make a reaction in your mouth that sounds like fireworks. I also advise that you mix different flavors at once to see the reaction of flavors and colors. Warning: I advise against mixing Pop Rocks with candy. You will not die but the taste cannot be pleasant.

Drama majors must seem eccentric to others. We spend hours in dark theaters practicing scenes over and over again until they are absolutely perfect. Things that may seem trivial to most people, like how to make a bird bleed, are what keep us up all night thinking. For my Drama majors, I would go for the dramatic taste–Sour Patch Kids. Sour Patch Kids are sour, then turn sweet. Drama majors will have fun trying to track the objectives of a character who changes emotions so quickly. Warning: Do not use method acting and cut off your roommate’s hair while she sleeps.

For English majors, the candy must be something more than the Wal-Mart bought candy your neighbor puts in a bowl outside. English majors are analytical and able to see the multiple meanings of a single symbol or word. Just like you cannot expect Twilight to delight English majors, you cannot just give English majors Skittles.  Toffee is an unusual Halloween treat that takes a bit of effort to chomp down.  Unlike other candy, Toffee is hard to distinguish at first, but after it sits in your mouth its delicious taste is hard to forget. English majors will also enjoy thinking about how the Dowager Countess probably ate Toffee in Downton Abbey. Suggestion: Toffee is even better if you dip it in tea while reading Frankenstein by the fireside to end your night. 

Have any ideas about candy for your major? Leave them in the comments!

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  1. As a former poli sci kid, the more sugar the better in order to digest the infinite amounts of dry poli sci knowledge (yes I love my Kenyon degree trust me!!!) My vote goes to Pixie Sticks and rock candy and uptight chocolate bars.

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