Peirce on the Weekend

Back when I was super fit (oh, that pre-college era), I’d plan out every one of my vegan meals and would even hit the gym/pilates/yoga classes twice a day. But here at Kenyon, with classes and homework and social events and music lessons and blogging and everything, I’ve rarely have time to grab a bite, let alone plan what I’m going to eat (just kidding. Food has always been the priority.)

Saturday and Sunday mornings at Peirce are especially rough. You wake up hungry, with mussed hair, in grimy clothes, in a ditch with maybe your cell phone if you’re lucky (Oh, just me?). But do not worry that little pretty head of yours, just rely on the flowchart below to navigate your way through a weekend morning in Peirce. And remember, you have to go as soon as you wake up. Otherwise it will close on you.

Because let’s be honest. This is what always happens. (Blurriness and all.)

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