10 o’clock list: Ways to Walk to Peirce

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Most mornings I wake up with a crease in my brow, a cramp in my pinky finger and a sticky spot on the back of my throat. Another day, another 1:10 closer to graduation. There are so many decisions to make! Where will I go? What should I be? My friends have diagnosed me with acute melancholy, with heaviness of the soul. But diagnosis is no cure, and here I am, left suspended in my second floor room, turning choices over and over in my mind, caught in comfort of my bedroom perch.  Sometimes, the only thing that can push me out of my door and tug me toward the center of campus is the thought of Peirce–oh Peirce, warm Peirce, kind Peirce. Yet, even something about Peirce, my respite, my second home, plagues me daily. That is: how am I going to walk there? There are (of course) five main options.*

  1.  Through Gund Commons and past the Cove- The North train’s most express route. Downfalls include: ugly scenery, bike obstacles and the College’s stance on smoking indoors. 
  2. Along College Park Street- This is how all people who live in Leonard, Old Kenyon and Tafts get to Peirce, right? Much more efficient than taking Middle Path.
  3.  Down Middle Path the Entire Way Before Turning Off Onto the Path That Leads Directly Through the Peirce Doors–  A route applicable and accessible to both North and South dwellers. This way to get to Peirce takes the longest and destroys your shoes, but is by far the prettiest.
  4. Through the Village and Down College Park Street- A compromise between enjoying the scenic Middle Path and  quickly walking through Gund.
  5. Through the Village and by the Church- The most beautiful walk. Extremely conducive to pretending you’re living in a provencal European town.

How do you walk to Peirce?

*No complaining about being excluded from commenters who live in Morgans or Aclands or otherwise behind Peirce. You’re so close to your meals! Also, you have steps to contend with and nobody likes those.

4 responses

  1. You can also tool straight down North Acland to Acland from the NCAs all the way to the back side of Pierce, if you want to pretend for those minutes that you just live in a pretty little leafy village and not on a college campus.

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