Fall Fashion: Leather at Every Price Point

Leather is ubiquitous. Just ask Kanye West, he’s been all about a leather jogging pant since day one. However, if you are not busy poppin’ tags like A$AP Rocky or simply cannot afford an “investment” piece from Rick Owens (I put investment in quotes because is this truly attainable?), it can prove to be difficult to incorporate leather into your daily wardrobe. See more after the jump for all the leather Kim Kardashian could ever hope to wear!


The Leather Legging

Recently, I tried these bad boys while I waited to pick up some Hunan at the local Mt. Vernon J.C. Penny.  Elastic waistband, forgiving spandex foundation, supple faux leather front, and a price tag of $17.99 — I was sold.

The Leather Skirt

A simple flare skirt can do wonders for any frame.  Piperlime’s Tinley Road has got you covered. Whether in a subtle tan or classic black leather, this piece is straight up versatile and under $80.


The Leather Accented Sweater

J.Crew is doing it well in this category. If you are a J.Crew Facebook Fan, hurry hurry!  Just enter the code, SECRET, and you’ll receive an additional 25% off your order. You’re Welcome.

The Leather Sleeve Coat

A perfect black and white combo with contrasting texture– boucle and leather — make this coat a seasonal Statement Piece.


I would love to get my hands on a Rag & Bone Denim Leather-sleeved jacket but my conscious and wallet tell me otherwise. Instead, I’ll try this option from Target’s Mossimo. Use the FALL20 discount code for additional savings off of $39.99.

For even MORE Savings, register at Ebates for additional cash back at all of your favorite online retailers such as J.Crew and Drugstore.com. Happy Shopping!

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