Halloween Pick-Up Lines: How to Get Candy in Your Bag

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Halloween is a big deal. You’ve been working hard on your costume (ha) and surely you want someone to notice! If you’re trick or treating for something sweet this weekend, we’re here to help. Here are some lines to try on your spooky-pooky.

For anything Gatsby-related:

Hey girl, are we looking across a bay right now or is that you giving me the green light?

Next to you, this place looks like a valley of ashes.

gatsby gif

For Minons and Despicable Me characters:

You might have a shrink ray, but you had the opposite effect on me.

Honey, when you walked in you stole more than the moon.

minion banana gif

For Miley Cyrus:

Damn gurl, the way you wag that tongue and work dat twerk make me Thicke.

When I saw you, it was like my heart got hit by a wrecking ball.

miley cyrus gif

For Daft Punk:

Girl, how you work it make me harder, better, faster, stronger.

I guess I should go to bed because meeting you was pretty lucky.

daft punk gif

For everybody else:

It seems that you’ve lost your broomstick. Would you like a ride on mine?

Boo! That’s what I’d like to call you.

Are you a ghost? Because I’d like to be under your sheet.

I’m more of a treater than a tricker, if you know what I mean.

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