5 Ways to Wrap Up Halloweekend

It's not Halloween anymore, Charlie Brown.

It’s not Halloween anymore, Charlie Brown.

We’ve run around from house to house and filled our pillow cases to capacity, and by now the sugar rush is over and we’re lying in a heap of post-Halloween sugar crash madness. Happy November, you guys, this is what it’s going to be like from now on. But don’t fret—while yesterday you might have been Spiderman and today you’re Peter Parker, you don’t have to feel like an island in the sea of a costume-less future. Trick and treat yourself, and take some of these steps to move forward from your Halloween shenanigans.

  1. Come to terms: ‘Ween season is officially over, but the specters of our past still remain. It’s time to put the skeletons back in the closet and have a post-game talk about what the fuck just happened last night.
  2. Pick up your shit: This could also be called “Find your shit” (hint: It’s probably in Old Kenyon). Retrace your drunken steps to find your K-Card, black North Face, and dignity. I also recommend you throw out your pumpkin before you get fruit flies or squirrels.
  3. Recycle Your Halloween: If you were a minion for Halloween, repurpose your overalls and do some Yard work.  Candy wrappers belong in the trash, but there’s nothing wrong with recycling a Superman cape into a nice throw rug.
  4. Do Your Work:  If you’re like me, you put off a lot of legitimate work to glue sequins on things. Now it’s time to snap back to reality and “write that essay” and “apply for study abroad” or something.
  5. Look forward to new holidays – In a cruel, hasty turnaround, the commercial world decided around 12:01 on November 1st that it’s probably time to start celebrating Christmas. Wiggle Ground has switched from advertising the “Pumpkin Latte” to the “Ginger Crème,” and Walmart is probably decked out like the Muppets Christmas Carol.

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