First-Year Halloween: Expectation vs. Reality


Everyone remembers their first Halloween at Kenyon (or distinctly don’t remember it). We build it up throughout the fall as this magical weekend, but we can really never truly tell what Halloween has in store for us. We asked our First-Year interns to write up their expectations for the weekend before they experienced it beforehand, and then write about it after-the-fact. Check out some of their thoughts on Kenyon’s treasured holiday:

Expectation: Dance with that cute guy from class.

Reality: Run into everyone but him. Eventually see him grabbing a girl’s boob (who was way too tall for him).

Expectation: I’m expecting Halloween to be insane. Like Highlighter party only crazier and more like a Lady Gaga music video. I’m feeling a bit wary because parties get shut down fast here, so hopefully the nights won’t end with a bust. I also hope people bring their best costumes- I’m going all out and it just won’t be fun if others fail. Game on, Kenyon. 

Reality: Halloween was more like a Ke$ha music video to be honest, or Spring Breakers. Saturday night was a bit odd because most people were so drunk they didn’t know where anyone was, which led to a lot of fun random dance groups. Also, apparently stripping down to nothing on the dance floor after 1:30 is something that happens, but I’m not complaining. Costumes were on point this weekend. I saw everything from Teletubbies, Lil Kim, Kardashians, and even found a Wrecking Ball to match my Miley costume. Nevertheless, this weekend was a perfect first Halloween.

Expectation: Awesome costume with the perfect amount of cute/sensuality/humor.

Reality: Someone on Middle Path stops me and asks, “are you supposed to be an Asian man?”

Expectation: I was very much looking forward to Halloween. The older I get the less I care about free candy, and I was looking forward to some non-trick or treating fun. I was disappointed that the PEEPS party was cancelled (as a freshman I had no right to these feelings, but all week I had heard people complain about how much better the PEEPS party would have been), but I enjoy parties in general so I figured it couldn’t be bad.

Reality: So off I went into the night with a group of friends. We were way too early to the party, so we trotted off to the Horn in hopes of a little pre-party raving. Of course when we reached the Horn everyone had left for OK, so we turned around and headed back to the party where all we encountered were long lines and packed dance floors, and wearing 27 pounds of chain-mail as a costume didn’t help my already deficient dancing abilities, but I tried my best. All in all in wasn’t bad but not as much fun as some of the calmer earlier parties and the best part of the night was probably watching Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and seeing the clocks fall back.

Expectation: Hot DFMO.

Reality: Walk back North alone, set up Netflix, randomly FaceTime people from home, eat a lone rice cake.

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