Glitter Removal: A Guide


Halloweekend has officially come and gone. Your expertly executed costumes/the weirdest random items in your closet are most likely strewn on the floor of your room. While your delicious Halloween memories and candy collection will soon dwindle and fade there is one thing that will last forever…glitter. I don’t quite know what it is about Halloween but glitter seems to accompany every costume, whether you were Miley, Jesse Pinkman or a priest. Glitter happens and it hits the entire campus like an avalanche. It is nearly impossible to wake up the morning after Halloween and not find glitter all over your face, your clothes and any surface you touch. Read on for some tips to de-glitterfy and return to your normal self.

  • Take a shower: Maybe take two showers. Three if necessary. Loofas are very important. They scrub away glitter and leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed. Caution: Though showers will help get the glitter off of yourself it may simply relocate to your shower. It is never fun to have shower walls covered in glitter…unless it is. That actually quite fun. Give it a try maybe?
  • Make-up remover: I recommend heading on down to Walmart and picking up some STRONG make-up remover and some cotton balls. Sometimes simple water won’t cut it. Make-up remover and some vigorous scrubbing takes that glitter right off.
  • A vacuum: This is obviously meant to get the glitter remnants out of your house/room. Do not use a vacuum in an attempt to get that pesky glitter out of your hair. That will only result in disaster. Get a small vacuum/dust buster in order to better maneuver around corners and crevices.
  • Live in Harmony with the glitter: Sometimes all these tested methods fail. Glitter is stubborn and all consuming. It might be best just to give into the glitter. Make it part of our personality. Become known as “that glitter guy/girl.” Just lean into it. You may learn to love it. 

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