Uphill/Downhill: Quiet Time and Crunch Time

Well, you all survived the weekend, congrats.

Uphill: Peace and Quiet — After a long month of October it is finally November and time to relax a little more on the weekends. Consider for a moment the fact that we have had Halloweekend, the Inauguration, Parents Weekend and Reading Daze all in a row. Finally, we have a weekend to just relax and spend time with those closest to us instead of hanging out with all 1,600-some students on campus.

Downhill: Crunch Time — With the promise of Thanksgiving Break on the horizon, it’s easy to forget that you are in the thick of the semester. This is a time when you aren’t sure whether you want to be on break or to live in this pre-break no-paper lull forever. Yeah, break will come, but then again, so will the deadlines.

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  1. Spencer,

    Recently my pet parakeet woke me up in the middle of the night with its whistles. This isn’t a typical occurrence as I dutifully cover his cage with an old pillow case when I go to bed. His squawking did not sound like it usually does like when he gets excited when I come home from work or when new friends come over to my house and make a big deal about him. His shrieks were even worse when I grabbed him by the head and broke his neck through the bars of the cage to get him to shut up. My question is, how do I get over the guilt?


    Out a Bird

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