Sounding Off: Shower Sex

shower sex cat

Showers, we all have them. Some of us use them more than others and some of them use them with others more than others. In a campus full of doubles, finding a moment alone with someone special in a bed can be hard to come by. But shower stalls, shower stalls are always deserted. Annaliese and Becca have some things to say about the acceptability of using these empty showers for a non-cleansing purpose.

Annaliese: I’m paranoid enough about contracting some sort of foot disease when I head to the shower for a little scrub-a-dub-dub. I really would prefer to not have to worry about slipping on your bodily fluids as well.

Becca: But aren’t shower loogies as gross as, uh, other fluids in the shower? Anyway, shower sex seems pretty clean–you just rinse whatever down the drain once you’re done!

Annaliese: That may be so, but I’d rather not hear anyone orgasm while I’m trying to brush my pearly-whites.

Becca: True, true. Though the shower stalls themselves may be deserted, other people do tend to need to use the rest of the bathroom. Your shower sex should never prevent your hallmate from being able to pee in peace.

Annaliese: Can we just hold up and discuss the smell for a minute? Do tell–how can anybody get busy with an ambiance killer like that??

Becca: Body wash has more than one purpose and anyway, showers are so nice! They’re warm and soapy and if you’re lucky, not covered with the stray hairs of previous users. Shower stalls are definitely the most pleasant part of residence hall bathrooms.

Annaliese: Says an apartment dweller.

Becca: Oh yes, I live in a house with 2.5 bathrooms and 1/2 of my roommates are in long distance relationships, anyway. However, my girlfriend and her roommates share one apartment bathroom between five people. Unfortunately, this means I feel guilty about wanting to use the bathtub that luxuriously has a functional drain stop. Annaliese, you live in Old Kenyon, right? Do people vom in the showers on the weekend?

Annaliese: Oh you bet your bottom they do! And pretty much everywhere else in the bathroom…

Becca: This is probably where our difference in bathroom perspectives emerges.

Annaliese: I shower in a cave…you bathe in a clawfoot tub. No big deal.

Becca: Someday, you too will be a senior. Until then, I guess shower sex is off the table.

Annaliese: So it seems.

One response

  1. Nothing is better and makes me wetter
    than cleaning my knee while taking a D
    you see a shower and I place to score
    I aint no whore, I just want some more

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