Blog Off: Day Drinking vs. Night Drinking

Kenyon College students are known for their creativity, witty and intellectual conversations and their ability to drink at almost anytime of the day. In today’s blog off two of our editors discuss the following question: which is better day drinking or night drinking?

Editor One: You’ve just finished a long week of listening to brilliant professors and your less brilliant classmates discuss the nature of love in Paradise Lost. Printmaking is bringing you down. And with only two weeks until Thanksgiving what sounds more appealing than grabbing some pre-dinner brews with some buds? Nothing. 2:00 p.m. on a Friday is a wonderful time to start one’s weekend.

Editor Two: I couldn’t agree more. I also feel like you don’t need to limit your day drinking to Friday. Did you have a particularly rough Tuesday class and just need to unwind? I think day drinking is especially lovely because you can grab a beer or an elegant glass of red wine and lounge in one of Kenyon’s many grassy fields. Let your hair down. Feel the sun shine down on your face. Just enjoy. There is no night pressure of going out or getting anywhere.

Editor One: Exactly! Night pressure! It’s a thing! I think my extensive library time during the week causes a lot of pressure to build up to have a good time in the weekend. Not having a good time is not an option. But let’s be honest; the parties this semester (with the exception of the Gala) have been pretty lame. For some reason I get it in my head that next weekend will be better, so I drink more at the short-lived pregame to “guarantee” success. INSTEAD I get sleepy at the party by 12:30 and make my roommate direct me home. BUT THE PRESSURE.

Editor Two: The pressure is rough. I’m glad we are confronting the issue. HOWEVER, I will say that sometimes good night drinking is all that I require. While drinking some brews in the early afternoon sunshine is delicious, there is a certain beauty to pregaming with your friends and stumbling out into the night, ready to take on the world. The darkness of the night sky always adds some much needed ambience…at least in my experience.

Editor One: There’s some truth there. If I’m not in Europe and it’s not Send Off, I feel a little bit like an alcoholic if it’s light out and I’m on my 6th drink. The darkness helps hide my shame. But then again, if I’m on my 6th drink I won’t feel any shame until the following day.

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