10 o’clock list: Ways to Enjoy the Cold

Gambier won't look like this. But it sure will feel this cold.

We’re in for a rough winter my friends.

According to the weather gods (meteorologists), we are supposed to get some serious cold weather this week. There is even some mention of snowflakes hitting the ‘Bier Tuesday morning. Before you all fret and take cover, here are some ways you can enjoy chill temps and snow.

  1.  Baking. Not a fan of cakes and sweets? Take you favorite fruit, put it in a pie, and bingo your winter food qualms have been solved. ProTip: Whenever in doubt, read instructions and never use plastic things when baking. It only ends up in melted dishware and ruined dreams.
  2. Drinking in. Is the walk from North to Old Kenyon is starting to feel longer and longer now that your eyelashes are starting to freeze the second you walk out the door? Grab some friends, some hot cider from the Deli, and some Fireball and enjoy. This works well with aforementioned baked goods as well. And blankets and movies.
  3. Snow Angels. The snow this week won’t be enough to cover the ground, but for all you eager snow-philes out there when the flakes are starting to fall lie on your back on the lawn and just imagine the snow.
  4. Winter fashion. I see you, Kenyon fashion gurus. Now that winter has come those never-ending scarves, mittens, and beanies are popping up everywhere. There’s nothing better than feeling like a ten but not feeling like your body temperature is ten degrees.
  5. Snuggles. Sometimes all you need is a nice cozy hug and snuggle-whether from your special someone, best-friend, or that stranger you just met in Wiggins. Put your chin down, make mouse squeals, and run towards your snuggle object. (Don’t actually try this on a stranger it may not end well.)

Stay warm and cozy everyone!

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