Thrilloween Costume Contest Winner


We know it has been a little while since Halloweekend ’13, but we thought we would close it out a little late and maybe bring back a little Halloween cheer.* Unfortunately, our winner from last year Lizzi Whittlesey ’14 has been dethroned (this editor thought her submission this year was great, but alas this is a Democracy, not a Thrilltatorship). A great showing all around with some of the best submissions we’ve had. Winners and runners-up after the jump!

Honorable Mention: Maria Rogers ’14 and Elizabeth Gambal ’14 as twin aliens.

photo 2

2nd Runner Up: Caroline Borders ’16 with a “chip on her shoulder”


1st Runner Up: Lizzi Whittlesey ’14 (our previous champion) and Kelly Menzel ’15 as the dancing twin emojis: 👯


Your 2013 Thrilloween Costume Contest Winner: Rachel Spraos ’14 and Sydney Fishman ’14 as Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats!


*Actually, we just got really lazy and had hoped you would all forget.

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