The Monday Catchup

Philippine typhoon

Good morning! Here’s what you missed over the weekend:

The Lead Story: A typhoon struck the Philippines on Saturday, taking more than 10,000 souls in its wake. This had led to widespread looting in Tacloban — one of the worst hit cities — and reports of delays in relief aid. These are the organizations heading up relief.

Everything Else:

This real-time map of people swearing on Twitter is the shit.

The biggest 3D printer company sold fewer than 6,000 printers last quarter. How many of those are for making weapons, we’ll never know.

A University of Iowa student (“Vodka Samm”) who became famous for registering a .341 BAC in September hasn’t had a drink since her video went viral.

Miley Cyrus smoked a joint in Amsterdam (at an awards ceremony). Points for originality!

The good ol’ US Postal Service will begin delivering Amazon packages on Sundays. So the atlas tapestry I ordered from Urban Outfitters will get here a day earlier?

Lara Logan of CBS’ 60 Minutes apologized last night after being misled by a source in the network’s reporting on the Benghazi scandal.

The Long Read: You are not the father! How Maury — and its infamous paternity tests — has changed as it enters Season 16. 

The Weather: Rain today will bring cooler temperatures throughout the week with highs in the low 50s/high 40s. There is a possibility of snow tonight, but don’t get your hopes up because it could just be more rain.

One response

  1. A this point (plastic, so anything made with a consumer 3D printer) 3D printed guns are incredibly unreliable to the point where using one is probably more dangerous than being targeted with one.

    There has been one instance of a METAL printed gun (blog[dot]solidconcepts[dot]com) The process takes far more time and money than is viable for production by anyone other than those with the funding and know-how (ie, not the loud second amendment proponent down the street nor the mentally ailing potential shooter)

    This subject is quite interesting and potentially scary. Certainly something to be discussed.

    True, some of those printers may be attempting to print weapons, but there is a lot more to the current state of 3D printed guns, and I think if you are going to mention it a few more stories (or links!) are warranted. Thanks!

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