Kenyon Mythbusters: Bookstore Window Art

Who painted those sunflowers?

Who painted those snappy sunflowers?

The Kenyon College Bookstore- a source of pride among students and admissions officers alike. It houses our precious textbooks for every semester, and many a novelty treasure to satisfy the wonder of your inner child. To top it off, the bookstore also boasts seasonally appropriate painted window art. But who paints this art? Well, that’s the topic of today’s thrilling edition of Kenyon Mythbusters.

Myth: The identity of the mysterious window painter. Who is the person responsible for the hand painted adornments? I turned to my fellow first-year peers with this exact question–read on for their responses and the truth.

“All I remember is seeing some squirrels.” -Shannon Napier ‘17

“The Magical Bookstore Painting Fairy.” -Anthony Tellez ‘17

“Are they even painted?” -Nathan Durham ‘17

“What’s the bookstore?” -Lauren Michael ‘17

Yeah. My best guess was a bookstore employee, but I knew it wouldn’t be that obvious if the intellectual masses of the Kenyon student body were stumped. Clearly in need of some credible information, I sought out the source. I walked into the bookstore on a chilly afternoon and waited in line with the normal customers, trying to work the biting cold out of my fingers and remain inconspicuous. When I got to the front the lady working at the counter saw I had no merchandise to purchase, and I saw the glimmer of knowing in her eye. From that moment I knew she would be my Edward Snowden.

Who painted these frolicking squirrels?

Who painted those frolicking squirrels?

I barely had to explain myself. It took a mere minute for her to hear my plea, utter several hushed tidbits, scrawl a name on blank receipt paper, and send me on my way. Stakes were high.

In the process of hurrying through the glass double doors, I stole a glance at my prize.

Robin Nordmoe painted those sunflowers and squirrels!

Robin Nordmoe painted those sunflowers and squirrels!

As I walked back to my dorm, I remembered some of the hurried words that had been tossed my way. “Lovely woman. Teaches pottery at the Craft Center,” she had said. “Also paints the windows in my house for my Christmas party every year.” Further research has indicated that she is a very dedicated artist, and not just in pottery, as evidenced by her facility for fine fenestral art.

This was scary stuff guys. I probably should have remained anonymous in writing this article. If you don’t hear from me for a while, I may or may not be imprisoned in the bookstore basement, hidden among your packages. Just remember–The Thrill has your back, Kenyon. And be on the lookout for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas-themed window paintings!

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