Olin Hacks


Club Olin, in all its architectural glory.

Ah, Olin–or Club Olin as I’ve so often heard it referred to affectionately by my wise and cultured upperclassman friends–we all experience this magical land in one way or another. It could be where we study, where we print, where we go when we have to use that annoying program only available on a Windows computer even though everyone at Kenyon uses Macs, not that I’m bitter or anything. Anyhow, here are some tips to make your next trip to our beloved library a little less stressful.

Borrow Things

Why risk losing/breaking your laptop by bringing it to the library just to check Facebook when you can borrow a sleek Macbook air or iPad from the circ desk, or grab a pair of headphones for increased listening pleasure when your Chem homework reminds you that you never caught up on Breaking Bad.

Take over a carrel

This goes hand in hand with last week’s nesting article. Carrels are small and somewhat private and if you leave your shit all over them you have it locked up all day long. I recommend depositing books before breakfast then going off and doing whatever you need to, people can find other spots to work, you’ll definitely reclaim it at some point.


Especially on Sunday afternoons, when things get really boring you can always just pretend to take a nap while your neighbors gossip shamelessly about the previous night’s debauchery.

Make noise*

Set your ringer to Katy Perry, take loud personal calls, forget to plug in your headphones, tap your foot annoyingly against a table leg, eat chips, basically do anything you can to make everyone on the third floor a little bit more miserable, while you keep your sanity.

Destination Studying

If you like to get creative when you study, or are looking for a good way to shake things up, find odd places in the library to study. Between the movable stacks, sure! Under a carrel, readymade fort! In the Ringwalt Room, it’s basically an evil lair! (PS you can borrow the Ringwalt Room key from circ, just ask and you will receive.)

*if you actually do any of these things, especially if you are on the third floor, I will have many choice things to say to you, or I will at least think them.

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