The Stars Have Spoken… Again.

Oh…oh no. November looks interesting…. (via

In case you missed the memo, it’s November. If that leaves you with a cold sense of dread (or a chilly attitude toward the next person who mentions that it’s November) – fear not! The Thrill has once again provided you another round of stunningly accurate and useful readings for the month ahead.

Aries– Careful of your FB page – pictures of you grinding on the Nuge at D-Cat’s gala will hit the Internet before long.

Taurus– Break out the water bottle; all of Peirce’s drink machines will be out of order at your normal meal times until after Thanksgiving.

Gemini– Your roommate’s last DFMO went better than expected. Much better. You should probably start knocking before you go into your room.

Cancer– Get to Peircegiving early this year or you’ll be left with a soggy plate of stuffing and bits of broken pie crust. Survival of the fastest, my friend.

Leo – Hide the kitty litter–the CA knows about your illicit pet.

Virgo– Pick your seat carefully for your shuttle ride to the airport–the sun and Earth are aligning to predict annoyance and regret in your near future, making you extra-likely to get stuck next to the know-it-all from your Bio lecture.

Libra– Better have some backup CRNs for course registration; the stars are showing an 8:10 Econ lecture in your future. Cover your bases or sacrifice your sleep and sanity!

Scorpio– That Kenyon Confession post was aimed at you. Passive aggressive, yes. Correct? More so than you’d like, I’m sure.

Sagittarius– Careful when you’re home over break–cars won’t stop for pedestrians the way Gambier drivers do. Keep charging out into crosswalks the way you do now and you’ll end up on crutches right in time for icy, early winter Middle Path.

Capricorn– You’ll find the study spot of your dreams this week–keep it secret or everyone else will decide they love it, too.

Aquarius– Nice entry in the Village Record. May I recommend a Netflix night this weekend?

Pisces– Back up your term paper. In three places. NOW. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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