How To Be A Person: Respectfully Answering your Phone in the Library



Here at The Thrill, we understand that you’re super popular, and that your cellphone can be a veritable grand central station at times. Unfortunately, sometimes your phone can start ringing at exactly the wrong moment, like when you’re in the library. Everyone’s experienced that heart-stopping moment when they hear their ringtone start playing in an otherwise silent room. But there’s no need to panic: here’s how to answer your phone when it surprises you with its jangling when you’re the library. 

Step 1: Don’t answer your phone in the library. If it’s your mom or dad, hang up and call back later.

Step 2: If you have to answer your phone, start by silencing it. The best way to make enemies is to let your phone keep ringing as you try to sort out what to do.

Step 3: Send everyone who is judgmentally staring at you your best look of contrition.

Step 4: SPEEDWALK. If you’re on 3rd floor Olin, try to get to a bathroom or an empty study room. If you’re on the 2nd floor, go down to the atrium or one of the entrances. Never answer your phone in a quiet area where people are studying.

Step 5: Answer your phone and have your conversation in hushed tones.

Step 6: Return to your study area. If anyone gives you a judgmental look, cry.

3 responses

  1. Could we also get a second installment on how to utilize an “inside voice”? Seriously, whispering needs to make a comeback. There is no reason your library utterances should ever be phonated.

    • Yes yes yes. It would also be great if long bouts of unnecessary giggling could be taken to a location more suitable for that purpose.

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