Uphill/Downhill: Peircegiving and the Thanksgiving Assignment

Well it’s hump day again, this week kind of feels like it’s flying by.

Uphill: Peircegiving — Finally, Peircegiving week has arrived. The most festive time of the year! It’s not so much that the food will be different (I am very much not a Peirce hater), but more so that I love the idea of having a big ol’ community meal. Peircegiving really feels like a scene out of Harry Potter (a comparison I love to hate on, but in this case just love).

Downhill: Assignments on Assignments — This is the week where every Professor on campus drops the Thanksgiving bomb: the dreaded assignment due to the day after Thanksgiving break. There is no way that you will be working on it this week or next, and then you have it hanging over you all break. Do your best, but know that everyone will handle these assignments differently.

One response

  1. Spence,

    Lately I’ve been having a recurring dream, not nightmares, just a dream. It starts innocently enough: I’m in the supermarket and the butcher offers me a job as a meat-boy. I decline because I’m already happily employed (at least an unpaid internship where I find funny pictures on other websites and put them on my employers website in a list format) but I like the butcher and I like this supermarket. Once he relents with a grin and a ‘you’ll come around!’-chuckle, the old ladies who work behind the deli/bakery counter come over and start singing songs about the 1993 NBC sweeps week Thursday night line up. Somehow, I know all the words but they are different every time. While they are doing this, the automatic doors to the supermarket open up and there’s a big snowy hill. I go sledding down the hill. At the bottom of the snowy hill is a tropical beach where the cashier, an attractive older woman who has had a succession of dismal boyfriends, places a lei on my shoulders and offers a kiss on the cheek. I then lounge into a beach chair under an umbrella and sip an ice cold Coors Banquet beer. My question is, why aren’t there dolphins in the ocean?


    Fish outta water

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