Senior Soirée: Unpacking Senior Year

I idolized the senior class my first year at Kenyon. They were cool, put-together and spoke every language on the planet. When I stalked certain seniors  photos from Senior Soirée appeared on my News Feed, the image of the male seniors in slick suits and the female students in glamorous gowns and faux fur enchanted me. I fell in love with the idea of being a senior. In my Norton double, I envisioned the joys that awaited me in my senior year: drinking legally, glamorous clothes and eternal relationships. Senior Soirée was, in my mind, the capstone to senior status.

My Senior Year has been quite different than previously imagined. First of all, I almost never feel glamourous. Opposite: I hear the phrase, “You look really … tired” way too often.  I find myself shot gunning more Emergency-C packages than beers.  The urge to get inebriated during the weekends is not as strong as my fear of failing comps and graduating with no future. And as for eternal relationships: I have Club Olin and Peirce.*

Now Senior Soirée is finally upon us. Despite the fact that reality has fallen short of most of my expectations for senior year, I’m very excited for Soirée. I imagine the evening being a cross between the Inaugural Ball and that one night at the Cove early in the year when it was almost all seniors because the first-years still called it the Gambier Grill after 10:00 p.m. SO pretty fun! I might be treating it a little too much like Prom, but whatever.

While my senior year has not played out exactly how I imagined it would back in 2010, I’m o.k. with that. My life does not even come close to resembling the lives of those chic seniors but that’s probably a good thing. I have no idea what they were going through their senior year. They were most likely just as frightened about comps, leaving Kenyon and their friends as much as I am. And they probably seemed much cooler that they actually were. (No, they were actually that cool.) So just, chill.

Have a great evening and be safe. Be aggressively safe.

*I do actually have some of the greatest friends in the world and they are not buildings.

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  1. drink before it, drink at it, leave early enough to get a table at the vi so you can drink more. you’ll be hammered and in bed by midnight.

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