Blogs on Blogs: Blogs To Follow

“Rule 287. Make your own costume.” Walker Lamond (via

As an editorial  contributor for The Thrill, I often comb through various blogs for unique content. From sartorial inspiration to good, old-fashioned advice, these are a few bloggers I turn to for either a great online read or a “small” break from my Senior Seminar reading…

As a professional blogger, Jacey’s resume is impressive with editiorial contributions to sites such as StyleMePretty and Beth Helmsetter. However, her personal blog, Damsel in Dior, is truly one to follow– her sartorial posts are often accompanied by stories of her childhood or a precious appearances from her two English bulldogs, William and Polly (who also have the CUTEST Instagram!) 

Walker Lamond‘s blog, 1,001 Rules for my Unborn Son, serves up timeless advice on how to be a gentleman in the age of the iPhone– #568, “You can spare us the photograph of your meal.” What can I say, I am a total sucker for a man in a bespoke suit.

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