Now presenting, for the first time since 1888, and the last time for another 70,000 years (oy vey, that’s a long time): Thanksgivukah! Yes folks that’s right, this year Thanksgiving falls on the second night of Chanukah, so don’t forget to light your menorah before you chow down on your turkey and gravy next Thursday.

Now there are certain reasons why we should all love Thanksgivukah, the combination of two great cultural holidays, the togetherness, seeing our bubbes, the celebration of all we’ve had to be thankful and blessed for over the past year…

But of course, like all holidays, there are other reasons we actually will like Thanksgivukah, namely food (well fine, that’s every holiday, but this one’s special). Think of all the glorious food we (and by “we” I mean us Jews) will be noshing on during the coming week. Thanksgivukah combines two of the best food holidays of the year. Not only will there be turkey and gravy and heaps of mashed potatoes, but there will be half the reason I still identify as Jewish, latkes. These crispy potato pancakes  will add wonders to any Thanksgiving meal, I especially imagine they will be good with gravy and cranberry sauce.

No matter what religion you identify with, I hope you will all join me in celebrating Thanksgizukah next week. Let us feast on latkes and pumpkin pie, receive eight days of presents, and maybe even have a balloon featured in the parade (I’m thinking a turkey with a yarmulke)!

Have a good schlep home to your schtetl for the holidays!

(Oh and fun fact, Noodge is a Yiddish word for a bothersome person, maybe you’ll see her when you’re home!)

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