Interview with a Nude Model

"Paint me like one of your French girls..."

“Draw me like one of your French girls…”

In honor of Love Your Body Week, I recently interviewed a professional (whatever that means…) nude model on Kenyon’s campus about her experiences. Kaitlyn Burd ’15 entered into the daring yet delightful world of nude modeling this year and has since learned a lot about her body, art, and dynamic posing. I recently sat down with her (not a hard task because she is my housemate and dear friend) to pick her brain. Read on for the full interview. 

Q: Why did you decide to become a nude model?

A: I heard it was the highest paying job on campus, and that seemed like reason enough.

Q: What is the process like?
A:  It’s pretty straightforward. You get undressed, then you wear a robe until the class starts, then you take that off, and then you basically just stand around naked for two hours while clothed people look at you.
Q: Is it an experience you value? Why?
A: What I value most about modeling is actually watching the artists I’m sitting for as they work. It’s always interesting to see the sketches that artists complete after a 45 minute pose. Once, I was drawn as a cyborg–which was really awesome! I’m impressed every time I look at artists’ sketches at the end of a session.
Q:  What is your favorite pose?
A:  I love a good dynamic pose.
Q: Do you feel like it has given you a new sense of your body?/do you feel more comfortable with your body?
A: If anything, nude modeling has taught me how unremarkable it is to be naked in front of other people. I always feel comfortable in my own skin when I’m posing–maybe because when everything is exposed you no longer have to worry about how to present yourself. The hardest part for me is honestly just holding still.
Q:  Do you have any funny nude modeling anecdotes?
A:  Not yet, but I feel there is infinite potential for that to change.
Q:  Any tricks of the trade?
A:  Don’t lock you knees when you’re doing standing poses, and use your arms! Arms are interesting.

4 responses

  1. BackInMyDay™ (and apparently still today) nude art model was the only job on campus that paid more than minimum wage.

    I’d make a joke about your budget reflecting your true priorities, but finding vaguely legit reasons to be naked or in the presence of naked people has always been and will always be very high on the Kenyon Community Priority List, so… yeah. Art models are just keeping it real.

  2. Common Kenyon Myth Debunked: Nude modeling is NOT the highest paying job on campus. It is just $8.98 per hour like many other campus jobs. So the rumor that we get paid over $10 is completely false, sorry to disappoint all you aspiring models!

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