Overheard at Kenyon: “Group colonic later!”

These guys have great ears for listening.

These guys have great ears for listening. (If you haven’t seen Galaxy Quest, that really needs to happen).

Senior Girl: “This is really weird, but I feel it so strongly that I have to express it. I’m excited to eat ice cream with my family because we do it in a weird way.”

Cindy Lou Who: “Haven’t you ever read The Grinch? Christmas isn’t about presents its about spirit!”

Chicagoan: “The weather in Ohio sucks for everyone not just for people from California.”

Junior (during the tornado watch): “Are we going to die in the Peirce tower right now?”

  • Insightful Friend #1: “No, this building is made of rock, right?”
  • Insightful Friend #2: “Well, you’re safer here than in a cardboard NCA.”

Faithful Vegan: “We can’t order chicken tenders cause I’m a vegan, can we order mozzarella sticks instead?”

Senior Guy: “You have to share her on the Google Doc because we’re so close to spelling volcano with our names.”

Sophomore Girl: “Is he going to be your rebound?”

  • Friend: “Rebound from what?”
  • Sophomore Girl: “Well, you’ve kind of been in a steady relationship with mono for the past four months.”

Sober as a cobra: “Papa John’s is for when you can’t even see yourself.”

Thrill staffer: “Remember, group colonic later!”

Liberal Lady: “I wouldn’t marry you. But, I would shower with you.”

Cove Lover: “Why did I not get a personal call about the Cove closing?”

  • Thrill Lover: “It was on The Thrill.
  • Cove Lover: “I know, but I should have gotten a VIP call. This is not funny. Nothing about this is funny.”

First-year on line at the bookstore: “That’s amazing that your instincts are so logical.”

Junior, opening the NYTimes, “I wish they would supply us with US Weekly too.”

The Best: “My parents’ first song at their wedding was Memory.”

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