Weekend Playlist: Road Trip Tunes

indexRoad trips are one of my favorite parts of going to school in Ohio (sorry, I know it’s bad for the environment but gotta live man). With that, I grant you some tunes to mellow your road rage and others keep you awake for the long drive home. And if you don’t have a long trip home then you can just leave. Sunday Morning (Questlove Remix) – Maroon 5

This song is the perfect start to a long drive. Especially if there’s a little snow floating through the sky. Use the remainders of your K-Card money to buy some fancy coffee drink before hitting the road, and prepare yourself for the long hours ahead.

Hush Now – Sunny Levine

This song, as well as really anything by Sunny Levine, is a nice mellow interlude when you’re still perked up on coffee and all of your passengers are asleep.

Backtrack – Rebecca Ferguson

Then there’s that moment when you’ve been driving for a couple of hours and your facial muscles just start twitching with sleepiness. This song is perfect for that moment. It will get you dance-driving again immediately.

It’s Too Late – Wild Belle

This trippy tune will keep you awake on that long stretch of Route 80 with no rest areas.

Thinking About You – Frank Ocean

Now we’re getting to the belting stage of the ride. If you think you are making it through a nine hour drive without this song, you better reconsider your life choices.

Home At Last – Steely Dan

For the final stretch, a classic tune to bring you home, at last. Haha.

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