Uphill/Downhill: Procrastination and Winter

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Welcome back!

Uphill: Post-Thanksgiving Kenyon — We are now in the homestretch. Professors save some of their best lectures for this time of the semester. We have holiday parties and seasonal food and drink to look forward to. And, of course, Kenyon in the snow is wonderful and cozy. This is one of the sneaky best choices for great times at Kenyon. Admissions would have you believe that Fall and Spring are best, but the first glimpses of Winter are truly spectacular at Kenyon.

Downhill: You Procrastinated — Admit it, you didn’t do anything over Thanksgiving break (and if you did, it definitely wasn’t enough). It’s crunch time now and that final research paper isn’t going to write itself. It’s time to actually sit down and do the first real work you’ve done all semester. Buckle up, because, as if you didn’t know, it’s about to be the last week of classes and we all know what comes next.

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  1. Ryan,

    Listen, I’ve got a problem because I’ve been juggling two different biddies for like two months and I think they’re catching on that I’m not down for the whole exclusivity thing. One is about 7 feet tall and redheaded, she plays basketball for UCONN and eats healthy and doesn’t like to sleep over, which is great, but she expects me to come to all her college basketball games. I’m like whatever but sometimes I prefer to stay in the city and see my other woman, who is about 5 foot 4 and has short blonde hair and is an active member of the queer women’s society at Barnard College. She’s pretty open minded about everything but she values open communication which is why the whole I’ve got something else on the side won’t fly with her because it would prove that I’m not honest with her. My question is, why is garlic such a potent smell/flavor?

    Young woman in love

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