Inside the Artist’s Sketchbook: Elizabeth Cheever ’14


Like most Kenyon students, Cheever arrived at Kenyon believing she would be an English major, and while she has continued to take creative writing courses throughout her Kenyon experience, she decided to join the political science department instead. She has also continued writing and performing through Kenyon’s Spoken Word Collective (SpoWoCo).

Elizabeth Cheever ’14 went to one of those middle schools where she could concentrate on creative writing, but she didn’t start slamming until she was a sophomore in high school. She quickly got involved with Minor Disturbance, Denver’s youth slam team, which gave her the platform to compete in the international youth slam poetry festival, Brave New Voices. In her senior year, her team placed fourth and was featured on HBO:

Her writing has been influenced by a variety of authors, artists, and thinkers from Thomas Hobbes to Andrea Gibson to Eduardo Corral. In our interview, Cheever said that “putting words together in a way that is pleasing and emotionally evocative is an unbelievably difficult thing to do, and anyone who possesses that skill (regardless of genre) fuels my desire to write and create.” The piece that Cheever performed for us is called Denver, a sensual ode to her hometown.

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  1. she was in one of my classes last semester and totally called out the professor on his sexist/misogynistic/rape apologist bullshit. he basically blew her off every time she did it, but I think most of the students in the class, especially the women, were relieved that someone spoke up! you go girl

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