Writers Wind Down NaNoWriMo

Woohoo! via popcorntheblog.com

Woohoo! via popcorntheblog.com

December is upon us, bringing not only the end of the semester, but also the finale to National Novel Writing Month. At the beginning of November, I interviewed a group of intrepid Kenyon writers associated with KWCCWT who were taking up the challenge of beginning – or continuing – to write a novel. Now that their month of writing madness has passed, I checked in to see how the authorial hopefuls ended up.

While most NaNoWriMo participants set a goal of a certain word count, Andrea Odegaard ‘14, hoped to write for 900 minutes, or roughly 30 minutes a day. Odegaard reported meeting her goal, but not quite in the way she planned.

“I didn’t write every day, but I did do some major late night binge sessions that made up for the days I didn’t write,” Odegaard said, adding that she finished the month with 11,880 words.

“That’s not 50,000 (the official goal set by the NaNoWriMo website), but that’s a hell of a lot,” Odegaard noted. She also said she was pleased with her progress on her writing project and planned to continue it after finishing her comps.

Claire Smith ‘16, fell short of her 25,000 word goal but was still pleased with her accomplishment.

“I got a little over 4,000 [words], but I did what I wanted to do,” said Smith, “I started my story and it got somewhere. I wish I had written more, but I am happy that I wrote a decent amount.”

Smith says she will continue her novel and hopes to finish it, though she has not set a timeframe for this goal.

 Karen Aston ‘16, finished NaNoWriMo with her goal intact, penning just over 25,000 words. Her novel, a work in progress, now totals over 280,000 words. Aston hopes to finish the book during Winter Break.

Thrill staffer Camille Bourret ‘16, had a goal of one word per day for the entire month of November, but did not make it. She ended the month with a total of 17 words.

“I am deeply, deeply ashamed,” reported Bourret. Her novel reads: “Herbert leapt amongst the jellyfish. He moved swiftly, careening from one giant airborne medusozoa to the next.”

“At least it ended in a complete sentence,” she added.

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