Holiday GIF Guide 2013

little grinch gif

Here at The Thrill, we take pride in reminding you of your most awkward moments at Kenyon. Since we won’t be with you over the holidays, here’s a little present from us to you: The Holiday GIF Guide, in which we catalog all of your worst holiday moments…before they even happen.

When your mother shows you what you have to wear for the holiday photo:

grinch not going gif

When you wake up with a zit on Christmas day:

rudolph gif

When you accidentally get drunk around your family:

love actually hugh grant gif

Struggling with holiday shopping:

office christmas gi

What you really want this year:

the holiday gif

When Hanukkah ends and your friends won’t stop talking about Christmas:

bunny suit gif

After realizing that when the holidays come, relatives do too:

love actually fuck gif

When you can’t stand to be around your family any more:

charlie brown gif

When you don’t get a single invitation to a New Year’s party:

grinch wallow in pity gif

When you realize that the holidays (and break) are over:

it's a wonderful life gif

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