10 o’ clock list: The Highlights of President Decatur’s Netflix Queue


I recently had the immense pleasure to sit down with (e-mail…he’s a busy man) President Decatur to discuss his favorite and least favorite Netflix gems. We at the Thrill had heard through the grapevine that everyone’s favorite president has quite the Netflix presence, so I did a little bit of research and I learned a lot. Mainly, I learned that Decatur and I are very Netflix compatible. As an intro to our conversation, President Decatur stated that his Netflix queue is “heavy on TV series/episodes — I find these incredibly easy to watch while exercising (one 50 minute episode is nearly the perfect elliptical timer and workout accompaniment), or in binge doses during vacations.”  Read on for a journey into Decatur’s Netflix habits. I would be honored to watch T.V. with you any day, Mr. President. 

  1.  Breaking Bad:  I just discovered Breaking Bad this summer, and I finished the series a few weeks ago (I had to go to iTunes to get the last 1/2 season).  But, I’m still going back to explore early episodes a second time, looking for things I may have missed.  Love the chemistry references, love the New Mexico setting.  Great storytelling and performances. (I couldn’t agree more. Who doesn’t love a good Breaking Bad Easter egg hunt.)
  2. Orange is the New Black:  My current series obsession.  I’m only on episode 5, so please no spoilers. (You heard the man! No spoilers! He is in for quite the ride.)
  3. House of Cards:  Very cheesy, over-the-top acting and story lines, strange moments that don’t quite work (like the old woman in the cemetery that frightens Claire).  But, a real guilty pleasure — Frances Underwood needs a mustache to twirl as he plots his evil. (The cemetery scene is my favorite too! I am still pondering its implications.)
  4.  Freaks and Geeks:  The greatest high school TV show ever — makes me very nostalgic for my life in the 80s.  By far the pinnacle of Seth Rogan’s career. (I am so emotional and impressed by this entry that I can’t even really comment.)
  5. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians:  By far the worst film ever made.  It is very, very bad.  We have a relatively new (two-year old) Christmas Eve family tradition of turning this on while we are setting up, then turning it off after about 20 minutes because we can’t stand the pain. (This film is now in my queue…I want to make myself a part of this tradition!)

Bonus Info: The Decaturs share a family Netflix account, so their queue contains the choices of Sabine (the 2007 Broadway revival of Company), Owen (Phineas and Ferb episodes), and Renee (the BBC series Sherlock) as well.

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  1. this is great
    you should have more people who aren’t thrill writers write ten oclock lists
    you guys could have a break every now and then
    just a though

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