Comparing Confessions


But you’re an open book. (Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here until Tuesday.)

Breaking news! Apparently Kenyon is not the only institution of higher learning to air its frustrations on the Internet! Since its inception this fall, Kenyon Confessions has became a fixture on campus, but if you are in need of more reading material that is at times angsty and at times genuinely sweet, check out these confessions pages brought to you by BYU, CU Boulder, Beloit College, and Columbia University.

BYU Secrets: I was very excited to discover that BYU has a confessions page, I mean all those young Mormons, grouped in one place, without alcohol or sex, there must be some serious truth bombs bottled up.

In some ways I was right:BYU se

But apparently even Mormons have girl troubles too, just, you know a little bit different (also note the comment, though to be fair I’ve seen some pretty self-righteous comments of KC Confessions):


But some folks are having a good time:


While others just hate fun:

BYU Secrets

Beloit College Confessions and CU Boulder were probably the most like Kenyon’s page, though Beloit’s allows the use of names:


Lucky guy.

And at least one CU Boulder student definitely shouldn’t transfer to Kenyon:

CYU confessions

As the name suggests, Columbia Admirers is more akin to the now-defunct Kenyon Crushes page, but it’s still got some ‘awwwww’-worthy gems:

cc admirers

But I have to admit I was so swept up by the mood that I posted about a friend who goes to Columbia. Sid Perkins, if you’re reading this–which I doubt–you don’t have a secret admirer, just me! Which is probably better than a secret admirer, anyways.

All in all I liked Kenyon’s page the most, possibly because I go here, but I also felt that it had the widest variety of confessions. Unlike the other pages, I feel that Kenyon Confessions has served as more than a complaint or crush outlet. No other pages had as many emotional confessions, whether heart-wrenching or sweet. In any event, I highly recommend these pages for a little entertainment and fellow school mocking. And hey, maybe you can even drive a friend at one of these places wild. You never know.

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  1. … BYU’s Secrets page is all about getting married, or church… and yet they’re all so sexually pent up… God bless the Mormons because that page amused me for a good 20 minutes.

  2. Nathaniel! I’m flattered. I hope your semester has been as admirable as this post; this comment shall serve as my confessional: I admire you and value you as the wonderful person you are! I hope you never forget your pal at Columbia.

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