10 o’clock list: Top 5 Things I Learned in 2013

Like every year (and every week), 2013 had its ups and downs. There were new cities, new faces, new heartaches, and new friends. Some of it was good and some of it was bad. It’s like what that one famous writer wrote: “Good things are good and bad things are bad.”  I like to think that being exposed to this random mixture of good and bad things from the past year has made me a wiser, stronger, person. So in tonight’s list, I’d like to force you all listen to my discoveries of 2013. Or not. The choice is yours.

  1. Astrology is cool.  And real! Like it’s an actually thing and some Kenyon celebs know a lot about it. Scary a lot. I really have to say that it was nice to know that every human had a terrible October once I learned that Mercury was in retrograde. And if Susan Miller is right (I’m sure she is), then 2014 is going to be glorious. 
  2. How to make a great breakfast. Now, some Norwegians I once lived with will tell you I still don’t know how to do this; but they’re dead wrong! The trick to a great breakfast is to know how much time you have and being realistic about your supplies/capabilities. If it’s 2:30 a.m. on a Saturday — you got time to go all out. I’m talking about frying some eggs, making toast, pouring some OJ into a glass and Bang! Or, if it’s 8:55 and you got a 9:10 go for a different type of “egg.” An Eggo Waffle! Toast or microwave that frozen treat and spread some jam on it!
  3. What being photogenic actually means. So apparently, I’ve been taking photos incorrectly for my entire life. After watching a series of 15-minute videos by photographer Peter Hurley, it has come to my attention that I don’t do any of the things that he suggests for trying to look hot in a photo. I don’t squinch. I don’t extend my jaw line. And I do nothing to make my hands look more dainty.  So take note, Lords and Ladies, if we want to beat UVA for most attractive-smart college, we need to do a lot of weird things with our eye lids, foreheads and hands and practice them to take better photos.
  4. How to be “good” at the internet. Since I write for a blog and have created my own blogs on several occasions, people often assume that I am “good” at the internet, that I know the tricks of the trade or that I read tech magazines or something. Wrong on all accounts. I am no David McCabe. Although, I did just discover that there is a setting on gmail to “undo” a sent email…
  5. Keeping up with a good friend is worth doing. I am certainly no poster child for keeping up with friends, but I cannot not stress more that keeping up with your friends from Kenyon, abroad/fake abroad, internships and even high school is worth doing. When you make the effort to go meet a friend from a past life really shows that you are a genuine friend and sincerely care about the other person. A small gesture like that can mean a lot and who knows, one of your friends might be famous/rich/have the last open nuclear shelter a be a lifeline to you down the road.

Runner Up: George Michael is one of the greatest artists of all time.

2nd Runner Up: Coke and Red Wine is delicious.

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