How to Tell if It’s a Good Night in Peirce

We’ve already told you how to participate in the tried and true method of reading the thrice-daily Peirce menus on your phone, but now I’m here to tell you how to judge those menus from the comfort of your bed. To Peirce, or not to Peirce, that is the question, throw a skull in the air, call head or tails, etc.  The walk to Peirce is long and microwave popcorn a totally acceptable meal replacement, but only if you’ve ascertained that nothing truly extraordinary is transpiring in the servery.

It is a new and exciting semester and AVI has promised us new and exciting menus.  Chocolate cake! More fried eggs! BYO vodka, ahem, pasta! There’s been blue cheese at the salad bar at least two times since Sunday. Things are looking good, but even with these exciting gastronomical developments, a seemingly simple Peirce menu can get dicey for picky eaters and the long-line averse.

Food variety and condiment availability characterize a special night at Peirce. I’m partial to the hand cut french fries, but I know other people like the curly ones. Lack of awareness of secret sides at the International and Comfort stations is where rookies fall into menu pre-judging pitfalls and lines for grilled chicken where a night can go truly awry.

Picky eaters rejoice, because beef stroganoff or other meat stews on nights where there’s no pasta bar and the line for chicken patties wraps around the silverware station doesn’t mean you have to eat peanut butter out of the jar: there will be noodles as a side at either Comfort or International. Leave your room and go socialize over a bowl of pasta.

For vegetarians, any sort of “Mexican” meal that doesn’t technically have a veggie alternative will always, always have refried beans present at International. Here, the sour cream and salsa in the cold well fill the special condiment requirement. You can make a quesadilla! Please do not eat uncooked vegetable ramen in your common room.

Basically, any night that offers any type of Pan Asian Food at any single station (soup at Action, lo mein at Vegetarian, Kung Pao at International) indicates an expanded condiment selection. That means that everything else AVI plates up can be augmented with sweet chili sauce, fresh lime slices and cilantro. Salads can be added to with water chestnuts, baby corn and red cabbage. Even if you hate red pork, you can make the best turkey sandwich ever with the cold well add-ons. Skip Easy Mac on Pan Asian nights because it’s a Good Night in Peirce.

We write about Peirce so much on The Thrill.

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