What We Binge-Watched Over Break: A Tragicomedy in Three Parts

Look upon my works ye mighty and despair.

“Look upon my works ye mighty and despair.” -Breaking Bad

Let’s face it, winter break isn’t about connecting our families, various holidays or even laughing at people you went to high school with and how they’ve changed. While the Polar Vortex hit us, we hit the Internet because going outside would freeze us all to death. So instead we wrapped ourselves in blankets, got the Ben & Jerry’s out, and watched TV and movies until our eyes bled. And when I asked the staff of The Thrill as to what they watched over break the results were a little… Weird.

Act One: Films

While the illustrious Editor-in-Chief Emma Specter ’15 watched Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior, former illustrious Editor-in-Chief Spencer Kaye ’14 gave ten out of five stars to Miami Connection, watchable on Netflix instant. “The plot is (basically) an 80s band that plays in a nightclub is playing music that makes people not want to do drugs and just live clean, so the gangsters want to kick them out of miami PLOT TWIST the band is made up of ninjas!” Surely, a crowd favorite.

David Hoyt ’14 sung the praises of a Netflix original:

You might also want to turn people on to the Netflix original series Example 8 Hour 23.976 Billed as “an example of 23.976 frames per second,” viewers rave, “the sequel to 23.975 frames per second we’ve all been waiting for. 480 minutes (690,508.8 frames!) of pure bliss. I laughed, I cried, I saw exactly 23.976 frames per second.”

Watching a brief part of it, I can also attest to its action-packed and thrilling 23.976 frames per second.

Some more academically-inclined members of staff watched documentaries. Leslie Martin ’14 watched Mansome, which she described as both “funny and uncomfortable” and which “made me ask my dad a lot of questions about why he shaves his head and has never had any cool facial hair.” Jack Quigley ’16, enjoying the finer things in life, partook in Somm, a documentary about people becoming wine sommeliers.

Not enjoying the finer things in life, Matt Delbridge ’16 watched the SyFy original film Ice Spiders, Alexandra Greenwald ’16 watched Rubber, a film about a sentient tire which blows things up with its mind, and Camille Bourret ’16 watched Pro-Life, which she described as follows:

It’s a horror movie about a young woman named Angelique who is pulled down to hell and raped by Satan. She gets pregnant with Satan’s child and wants to have an abortion, but her family is very pro-life and won’t let her. She runs away from home to go to an abortion clinic, but her dad and brothers follow her. At the clinic, the dad and brothers kill most of the people in the clinic, while Angelique tries, and ultimately fails, to get an abortion. After she gives birth to Satan’s offspring, she shoots it in the head. At the end of the movie, a heartbroken Satan picks up his dead infant, cradles it in his arms, and returns to hell.

Act Two: TV Shows

Other Thrill staffers went international, including our founder David McCabe ’14, who watched Helen Mirren’s mystery miniseries Prime Suspect from across the pond. Nathaniel Shahan ’17 also indulged in a five-episode miniseries named Carlos the Jackal about a Venezuelan terrorist named Carlos the Jackal.

Act Three: … What?

Music expert Noah Henry ’16 spent a good deal of time watching Mike’s World, an art project consisting of very strange videos that are like infomercials for the human condition.

When asked what they watched over break, one Thrill staffer responded as such:

On my 21st birthday I got so inebriated that I could only lay flat on my hotel bed and watch HBO because it was already on the TV and a show came on in which a porn actress stood naked on stage and answered audience questions but because I had collapsed on the bed i physically could not get to the remote so I had to watch it all happen in front of me and ended up learning a lot about queefing is this what you are looking for because I have no other purpose for this anecdote other than things I shame myself with when I can’t fall asleep.

And I think that speaks on a deeper-level as to the staff of The Thrill as a whole.

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