10 o’clock list: Kenyon Candle Scents

The smell of success.

What does ‘Home Sweet Home’ even smell like? My Bushnell double? Jesus, I hope not.

The candle store is an amazing place. Like, you can have this stick of wax that smells like Butterflies Frolicking Through A Misty Summer Day or Your Grandmother’s Apple Pie Mixed With Subtle Hints Her Perfume or other just really outstanding and specific scents. Not that I have candles in my dorm (and neither should you) but if I did have candles in my dorm, I’d be sick of all these frankly cliché and embarrassing scents. You know what we need? Kenyon scents. Because, as well all know, Kenyon smells great. All the time.

  1. Loose Mac & Cheese Wedges At 6 AM In Someone’s Bed But You’re Not Sure Whose But It May Be In Leonard?
  2. The Gap Trail Masturbator
  3. That Weird Parking Garage Behind Farr Where All The Cats Poop
  4. Olin Auditorium’s Stale Air During Your 8:10 Class
  5. The Slightly Undercooked Pho At Fusion
  6. The Study Carrell Next To You Where That Guy Just Sneezed
  7. Your Professor’s Office After They’ve Eaten Some Kind Of Sandwich But You’re Not Sure What Was In The Sandwich But It’s Still Sitting In The Trash Maybe If You Just Took A Peek–And Now Your Professor Thinks You’re Crazy That’s Great It’s Still Only The First Week Of Classes

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