What Is The Meaning Of This? Vol. XVIIIX


Hand generously provided by Natalie Reneau ’15.

Attention, all — right by the jewelry display, our beloved Bookstore sells something called  “Magnetic Nail Polish.” As of press time, a business associate and I have been clustered around the display for 7 full minutes, wondering out loud — “What is this? How does it work? Should we buy it and study it and strip it for parts and sell it on the Internet?” Weigh in below!

3 responses

  1. Basically it is nail polish with fragments of magnetic metal in it. You paint a coat, then hold the patterned magnet (included with the bottle) over each nail for several minutes, and the particles in the drying polish shift to match the pattern on the included magnet. Looks really cool and comes in lots of patterns, like zig zags and swirls.

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