With Obama’s Invitation, President Decatur Commits Kenyon to Low-Income Affordability

White House Gate

Today Present Sean Decatur was one of  140 college presidents, business leaders and non-profit executives to meet with President Obama with the goal of increasing college affordability for low-income students. At the summit, the White House released a list of new commitments Kenyon and others agreed to make. In the release, Kenyon pledged to do essentially three things: increase low-income student recruitment, boost retention among minority and first-generation college students and provide assistance for students on financial aid seeking unpaid internships. The statement also noted Kenyon’s ongoing commitment to meet 100% of demonstrated financial need for accepted students with “low or no loans.”

The meeting began with a screening of “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete,” a film about inner-city life for two boys, and then broke into discussion groups (each with its own administration note taker) before hearing remarks from both the President and the First Lady. Although Ms. Obama spoke more than her husband, the President called the over 100 commitments made by President Decatur and others “an extraordinary first step” towards college affordability.

“As the Administration continues to push for changes that keep college affordable for all students and families, we can and must do more to get more low-income students prepared for college, enrolled in quality institutions, and graduating if we are to achieve our North Star goal of leading the world in the share of college graduates by 2020,” read another White House statement.

The summit provided new details on the College’s recently announced Summer Internship Stipend Fund, which will assist 5-10 students on financial aid seeking unpaid internships though the Kenyon Career Development Office.

For his part, President Decatur tweeted out his arrival in Washington, but could not be seen in this audience photo of the president’s address.

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