Yearbook Photos That Will Never Appear in the Yearbook

emma dog

“What do you mean we didn’t make the yearbook?”

Earlier this week the Student Activities Office emailed students with a “call for yearbook photos.” The email also mentioned that the photos would be “moderated”, and only those that were “appropriate” would be included. Psh. So much for my college experience. So what is considered to be appropriate? We’re still not sure. But we are sure about what will not appear in the 2013-2014  yearbook.

A perfectly innocent frolic. We’re just fit people. Ok?

thrill track team

Grabbing coffee with Josh Radnor. I guess his ego would take up too much space in the yearbook.

thrill josh radnor and spencer

Reppin’ the nature. Hard. So hard.

thrill bears

No animals in the dorms? That’s what you thought.

thrill cats

It was, like, a fundraiser or something. Right?

thrill bikini

Studying abroad results in flying pandas and invisible legs. Obviously. 

thrill eiffel tower

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