10 o’clock List: 4 Replacement Supplement Questions for Kenyon’s Common App


Q — Have you ever had one of these? V. v. imp.

I’m all for getting rid of Kenyon’s supplement questions. I hate when things are hard and I answered those questions using every part of my brain and my body. But I thought that the best part of those questions  was the opportunity  to show your personality. Hey but sometimes you gotta let some things change. Don’t fight the tide. Go with the flow. HAHA but I can’t do that. Change is dumb and scary, so if the reason for getting rid of those questions was due to their staleness, here are some alternate suggestions, just so we can keep the tradition alive, make me feel more comfortable, and keep wormy weirdos from getting into our Kool-Aid, okay?

1) Have you at any point considered getting an undercut or could you see yourself wanting one in the future? If not, would you allow someone to cut your hair drastically short to demonstrate your growth as a person? If yes, please elaborate.

2) If you visited Kenyon, when touring through Peirce, did you feel that on either side of the building there was a draw? Why? A demonstrated understanding of the divide between Old Side vs. New Side is pertinent to our consideration of you as a possible student.

3) In order to save our admissions representatives’ time, just write a list of the biggest books that you have read. Have a second party initial to confirm that you finished them and talked about it constantly like a little bitch.

4) Individuality is very important to us at Kenyon. What did you know was cool before anyone else did? How did you know?

7 responses

  1. Perfect. 2 would actually be such a good supplemental essay question, though. It would require them to really decide whether they envision themselves at Kenyon AND it would possibly solve the problem of Peirce overflow. Don’t know what they’d do with the ones that said they’d want to be downstairs, though.

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