Kenyon Receives Record-Breaking Number Of Applications For Class of 2018


The applications are in! According to a Tweet by Director of Admissions Darryl Uy Kenyon received over 6,500 applications for the class of 2018. This is a 63% increase from last year’s 4,056 applications (352 Early Decision, 3,704 Regular Decision). With this influx of numbers, Kenyon’s 36% acceptance rate could decrease drastically. What remains to be seen is what the enrollment rate will be like, and whether or not this is a result of Kenyon axing their usual supplemental essays on the Common App.

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7 responses

  1. They really need to not accept as many people as they did for Class of 2017. The last thing Kenyon needs is another huge class. Class availability is in the shitter, housing is becoming a problem -since the administration refuses to build new DORM housing, but rather elitist apartment housing that excludes a sizable part of the student body-, and Peirce is already overloaded.

    • 1. Future students are going to have a bad time if getting into Kenyon becomes easier. Once they get here, they’re going to go through hell because it’s not that easy.
      2. More students = more rooms necessary. Every year there seems to be a housing crisis. As the previous poster stated, much of housing is already limited to elitist apartment housing that most lower income students can not afford (even with good grades). Kenyon really needs to consider real off campus housing to make it fair. Dorms really do suck.
      3. Parking is also an issue. By destroying the Bexley lot, there is hardly any north campus parking. The forces students to stay on campus and it complicates arranging transportation back home, during breaks.
      4. It’s nice that Peirce is always open, however, it sucks during peak lunch/dinner hours. There are times when people either have to wait a good 20-30mins for a meal and then can’t find a single place to sit. It gets even more frustrating when there are a ton of “money making” events usually happening in Dempsey. With more students, more complications will arise. Stop being greedy and allow students to have other meal plans…
      5. Even when I was on several committees, I’ve noticed that Kenyon NEVER listens to the student body. They give the students a false sense of being included, but goes ahead and does whatever they please. I doubt these concerns will ever go far…

      • congrats anon, you are a douchey grammar-correcting idiot in the comments section of the thrill. you should feel so great. now go bathe yourself in lemon juice and rejoice to the hills singing of the complete and utter lack of meaning of human life.

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