Overheard at Kenyon: “I do like freedom”

Nirvana-5Nirvana, left, and Ariana Grande, right.

Ariana Fan: “Ariana Grande is the Nirvana of our generation.” [Ed. I invite you to duke it out in the comments].

Confrontational Junior: “Can you please stop sitting next to the professor because your gesticulation is distracting?”

WalMart Pro: “I did all my WalMart Christmas earring shopping last year.”

Enamored Poli. Sci. Major: “Abbie Erler is like my girlfriend. But not in, like, the girlfriend sense. Like in the hey gurl! sense.”

Shampoo Shopper #1: “That smells like palm trees, sunshine, and freedom.”
  • Shampoo Shopper #2: “I do like freedom.”

Market Master: “If you pay attention to the cheese section of the market you’ll see the intricacies of cheese seasons.”

Junior Gal: “So I don’t think he’s my soul mate or anything, but I’m pretty sure he’s not gay.”

Contemplative Crafter: “I don’t like useless crafts.”

Just Another Ginger Soy Lover: “I hope they have some sort of Asian noodle-y thing in Peirce tonight that I can pour ginger soy all over.”

Pill Popper: “I like Advil ‘cause Advil tastes like candy.”

Starstruck first-year girl at Midnight Breakfast: “It’s like Black Friday…but for food!”

Scared Cove-ee*: “The Cove is the ratchet sphere.”

Nostalgic First-Year: “I had to do a project in eighth grade on euthanasia. It was called Press the Button.”

Sophomore Girl: “They were like really cute penises though, and that’s something I wish I had never said in my life…”

Sophomore Boy: “No, mom, I’m not gonna be hungover for the drive home.”

*A Cove-ee (alternatively, Coveee) is one who attends the Cove regularly.

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