Help Us Get A Poster in the Library

Lists are the new novels.

Lists are the new novels.


We at The Thrill hate talking about ourselves. We really do. Like, it pains us.

But there is this one thing. Ever since The Thrill was a little blog baby, we have dreamed of one thing: Getting laid because of this blog. Being an icon for literacy in the Kenyon Community. Which is why, today, we are launching a campaign to get the Thrill staff on one of those “Read” posters they put up in the library.

We think we have a pretty strong case for having Kenyon’s greatest honor bestowed upon us. For one thing, we produce an immense amount of written material for the Kenyon community to read over the last two years. Now, you might counter that this material has been of variable quality. But note that the posters say “Read” not “Read well-written work.”

Second: the Internet is the future! In the near future, books — and every “Read” poster that features them, will feel outdated. We can help you appeal to the youngs, with their Google Glasses and Snapchats.

Yes, this is a time when the very foundation of the “Read” campaign is in upheaval. Last year, the eBook market soared as print book revenues slid.  LBIS must stand strong. We owe too much to those literary heroes of Kenyon College to give up on their craft now. You must find a new generation of standard bearers, who can blaze a path into this uncharted territory to claim that ground for prose and poetry. To say, we still read — and it makes us stronger.

But there are too many Kenyon Review Associates to fit on a poster. Plus, we’re pretty sure that if John Crowe Ransom were alive today, he would at the very least have trashed our blog at a faculty party once. And that’s probably as close as you’re going to get. If you have poster-making authority, shoot me an email:

Do you believe in all that is good and worthy? Sign our petition here.

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