xWhatever: Figuring out Phone Extensions

Just be glad we’ve moved on from this!

We’ve all seen it, “Contact The Registrar, call x5121” or “Call Helpline! x5700” But what do these mysterious Xs in front of the numbers mean? How come when I dial that number I get nothing? I thought my iPhone was supposed to make my life easier, damnit, Siri, SIRI! Woah! Calm down, don’t worry, we at The Thrill have got you covered on these mysterious things called “phone extensions.”

Now pay attention, because this might apply to the job you may or may not have after graduation. Essentially the entire campus is wired into one phone system and all of these phones are wired into one central network. All phones on the same network can call each other by just dialing a four digit extension or “line number” (the “x” stands for extension). The format for these numbers is x####. Thus from any phone in any office or building on the campus can call any other campus phone by just dialing the four digits (so to call Helpline from a campus phone, dial “5700,” no area code necessary).

However, if you want to call a campus extension from a non-college line (like your cellphone), you must first dial the area code and prefix for Gambier. The area code is 740, and the prefix is 427. Thus if you want to call the CDO to get an interview for a job with your own office and phone extension (JK, those don’t exist anymore, you’ll be lucky to get a chair) dial 740-427-5165.

I highly recommend putting at least one of these full numbers in your cellphone (Campus Safety might be a good one, 740-427-5000) so you’ll always have the area code and prefix.

Hope this helps all you Kenyon Kallers out there, and if you have any further questions call Helpline at 740-427-5700.

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    Now we will teach you how to tie shoes (since you grew up with velcro), shift gears in an automobile, and actually make concrete and firm plans for where to meet up later.

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