Professor Complaints: The Sequel

Your professors have been complaining about you.

Your professors have been complaining about you.

Our colleagues at The Collegian run a beloved column entitled Quick Complaints, which publishes students’ daily gripes. We at The Thrill chose to elevate this concept to the next level. Quick Complaints: Professor and Staff Edition. Find out what irks your favorite Kenyon community members after the jump!

Lisa Train, Interim Co-Director of Housing and Residential Life:

It gets too quiet here during the breaks when all the students leave.  Sam the Puppy has no one to play with.  Although, Gambier does turn into the city in I Am Legend – all the wildlife comes out and takes over the campus.

Katherine Elkins, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and Humanities:

My students don’t turn in their Moodle posts on time. [Ed. note: Sorry, professor…]

Getting adjusted to a new schedule can be hard.

Lindsay Faulstick, Interim Co-Director of Housing and Residential Life:

It was so cold that the Diet Pepsi in my car exploded and scared me. Bad.

Does this mean the soda machines in the Servery will explode if Peirce shuts down? That would also be scary.

Jennifer Smith, Lead Instructor and Director of Introductory Labs in Biology:

The lines in the science parking lot are painted just a little too close together.  I don’t really have that many complaints, really!

As an SUV driver, I feel your pain.

Patrick Gilligan, Director of Counseling Services:

While trying to think of what might annoy me, I’m realizing I do all these same things myself.  So, I’ve decided not to be annoyed by them any longer. Thank you for this therapeutic intervention!

You’re welcome, Patrick. It’s the least I could do.

3 responses

  1. With this response, Patrick Gilligan has become a caricature of himself. That’s not a bad thing, considering how wonderful he is, but seriously, that is the most Patrick Gilligan-esque thing I’ve ever read.

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