10 o’clock list: 5 Reasons to Love the Cold

This is my NCA.

This is my NCA.

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s been pretty cold round these parts recently. Very, very cold. Cold enough that the temperature seems to have become pretty much the only thing we’ve heard anyone complain about these days. But it’s not all bad! There are at least a few reasons to love the cold.

  1. New adjectives!: Things I could have said in the last week, if I so desired: Frigid, freezing, blistering, terrifying, like-living-in-pilgrim-times, Claremont McKenna envy-inducing.
  2. Your Agatha Christie role play doesn’t seem so weird: Now it’s not so weird if you invite your friends over and say something to the extent of “The ice has made the roads impassable. It looks like we’re all here for the night!” just before turning off the lights, turning them back one again, and “discovering” a “dead” body on the floor of your NCA. Have a great party/orgy/whatever you’re planning!
  3. All the identical snow Instagrams/Snapchats: WHAT? IT SNOWED LAST NIGHT?!?!??!?!? Thank god I learned that from your Instagram.
  4. You seemed less drunk last night: Is your face red because you don’t know when to stop hitting the bourbon or because it’s absolute zero outside? Nobody will know. Except you were probably pretty obviously drunk so please keep it in check, guys.
  5. We don’t have to hear you complain about other things: If I have to get frostbite on every inch of exposed skin on my body to have you stop talking about how hard it’s been to choose between those two job offers or how your honors thesis is just too long, I gladly will.

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