Help Us Get A Poster In The Library: The Importance Of This Cannot Be Measured

Last week, we asked you to help us get a poster in the library. We’ve received literally tens of signatures on our petition, but we won’t rest until we’ve fully swayed the hearts and minds of the Kenyon community — so we’re offering a rare chance to see an exclusive mockup of our poster. Click through to get a glimpse at everyone’s #1 favorite thing — Thrill editors’ faces clumsily Photoshopped into other pictures! You’re welcome! Vote for us! Thrill 2016!


Be gentle with us. It’s just a first draft. (Also, a strong 100,000 dollars to the first person who can identify the seminal 1990s-era TV show we drew our inspiration from. Email to collect your winnings.)

5 responses

  1. I really want to suggest The Brady Bunch, but the decade’s wrong. Here’s an idea: include The Collegian staff, they are your parent ship after all.

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