10 o’clock list: Holidays Peirce should Celebrate in February

Gather round for the festive Peirce season!

Gather ’round for the festive Peirce season!

With February coming up, there are already many holidays Peirce is celebrating. Between Lunar Day and Valentine’s Day, we are going to get some real treats  from Chef Megan this month. But what about the holidays Peirce is looking over? There could be some real opportunities here. Look for them after the jump!

  1. Hula in the Coola Day: February 1A crowd favorite, Hula in the Coola Day would be the perfect holiday for Peirce to celebrate. Pina Coladas would be served at fusion while coconut chicken and Hawaiian pizza would be on the menu. Only drawback would be that everyone has to wear a coconut bra and a lei.
  2. Create a Vacuum Day: February 4Vacuums are the most underrated machines. To commemorate them, Peirce could have a food eating contest to see who can “vacuum” food down the fastest.
  3. Kite Flying Day: February 8. Peirce could serve food that could be used as a kite (like extra large pancakes) and then have long pieces of string so we could fly food-kites.  There’d of course be a kite flying contest right outside.
  4. National Bagel Day: February 9Everyone loves bagels. Peirce always has a large assortment, but why not have everything served in Peirce contain some type of bagel? Bagel salads, bagel cookies, bagel pizza- the opportunities are endless.
  5. Singles Awareness Day: February 15Peirce is probably going all out for Valentine’s Day, but those of us who are painfully single are going to need an extra dose of comfort food the day after. As much as we wanted alcohol to be our valentine, as usual it will leave us with a painful reminder the next morning that even it will leave us too.  Chocolate would be a necessity in every dish, as would be annoyingly true Taylor Swift music.

Comment below on what Holidays you want to see celebrated at Peirce!

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