10 o’clock list: 6 (More) Songs That Could Also Be Courses

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Sometimes, we love a list topic so much we just can’t help ourselves not to expand it. BergeMash was just too good not to play again. For those of you who have forgotten:

Take BergeMash, an ingenious game invested by the fine folks at Blog Daily Herald, the blog associated with Brown University’s Daily Herald newspaper. Here’s how it works: You set your iTunes to shuffle, take the first song that comes up, add a colon and turn it into a college course. Sound a little bit absurd? It is. It is also very fun.

Check out our newest “course” catalogue after the jump. Be sure to share some of your creations in the comment section!

1. RLST 490 — Higher Love: Exploration of Deity Worship in the Middle Ages

2. SOCY 225 — You Always Get What You Give: Community Identity in Post-Modern America

3. HIST 360 — Under The Gun: Early Modern Warfare and the Napoleonic Wars

4. PHYS/ANTH 403 — Go Go Gadget Flow: Technological Ethics and the Singularity

5. ENGL 150 — Sweetest Girl: Innocence and Womanhood in the 18th Century

6. MATH 120 — Tumbling Dice: Introduction to Probability

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